Chef, it’s time to start cooking with gas plants.

Hey, we’re Papaya. 👋 We are a plant forward startup based in Manhattan, founded by veteran food world professionals.

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What we're up to:

A new way to create, hype, and launch plant-based dishes onto the plates of curious eaters.

Plant-Based Dish Drops

The Hype

Before launch, we’ll be building hype to get curious NYC eaters to sign up for these dish drops.

The Ordering

Prior to each drop, we open up ordering for a limited number of available meals, encouraging eaters to place their order QUICKLY.

The Drops

Each week for 13 weeks, we’re dropping at least one new plant-based dish, which will be delivered to customers’ doors.

The Meal Experience

You focus on the food. We’ll handle everything else on the user experience side of things — logistics, delivery, packaging, and branding.

The Mission At Hand

We want to upgrade plant-based dishes to first-class status.

It's time for plant-based food to 'supplant' other options based purely on taste and imagination. As more consumers and restaurants alike embrace the idea of a more environmentally conscious world lifestyle and diet, we want to connect them.

We are collaborating with and supporting restaurants and chefs to curate the best plant-based menus and introduce the most innovative plant-forward new offerings.

What’s in it for you?

Your own plant-based R&D lab

Think of these delicious meal drops as your incubator for creating popular and profitable plant-based dishes — with little risk and much potential reward. Our culinary team will work closely with you to curate your plant-forward menu items, veganize certain dishes or even dream up a new recipe from scratch. 

Hungry people with healthy appetites.

You bring the creativity, we’ll bring the eaters. We’re using a sophisticated paid digital campaign to target the plant-curious of NYC, aka a wider audience for you and your restaurant. That means more exposure from new people.

A sliced half of a papaya with its seeds still inside

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Whether you already have a plant-forward favorite on your menu or want to collaborate with us to develop a new dish, we want to chat

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