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Bunna Cafe

Ethiopian cuisine that is 100% naturally plant-based. And fun to share!

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Explore those plant-curious feelings with a plant-based dinner drop @ your door.

Papaya is a fruit. So what’s this?

Papaya is a fruit, yes. We're also a NYC dining startup hell-bent on making plant-based meals and dishes more creative, delicious, and visible — starting with plant-forward dinners from great restaurants delivered throughout Manhattan & Brooklyn.

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Enjoy tf out the food


Glur Thai

Thai cuisine that's completely plant-based (down to the sauces).

Check out this Drop

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Meal Drop #7:

Glur Thai

Thai cuisine that's completely plant-based (down to the sauces).

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Meal Drop #6:

Jewish New Year Menu for 2

Gefilteria + Kit have designed a beautiful meal to ring in the new year with brightness and sweetness on September 6.

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Meal Drop #5:


Chef Erez Blanks from Parchment began crafting culinary boxes with homemade dishes from his Middle Eastern/Israeli heritage and they quickly became an overnight sensation! He centers each box of his around Middle Eastern dips and spreads and freshly baked bread. For this Papaya drop, he developed a few new recipes. The offering is designed to be shared.

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Meal Drop #4:

Shalom Japan

We challenged Chef Israel to create dishes that embodied a New York Japanese Summer for delivery on August 19.

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Meal Drop #3:

Public Village

The adored Sichuan restaurant on the Lower East Side has designed a special dinner experience for August 11th & 12th.

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Meal Drop #2:

Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

We teamed up with Jajaja to create a Mexican Plant Fiesta delivered to your door on August 4th or 5th.

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Meal Drop #1:


We challenged Chef Einat Admony of Balaboosta to make magic with vegetables for July 29th's meal drop.

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