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Introducing Papaya.

Curated Menus from NYC's Best Restaurants

Sample offerings for delivery
Inventive Sichuan Cuisine
Featured dishes from an under-the-radar Sichuan restaurant on the Lower East Side known for its bold style and spicy noodles.

Pasta with Plants Re-imagined
A pasta dinner kit from a chef who proves Italian cuisine is at its best with only plant-based ingredients.

Michelin-Starred Vegetable Magic
Vegetable-forward dishes from a New Zealand chef who fuses NYC and Kiwi flavors by working magic with local plants.

Why Papaya?

Plant-Based Menus

We curate the best plant-based menus so you can try new spots and dishes in a few taps.

Discovery & Delivery

Order a featured menu for delivery. Papaya meals are built to travel.

Changing our Food System

We believe in caring for the environment, collaborating with restaurants, curating, and innovating menus.

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What is Papaya?

It’s a platform for plant-forward dining featuring the best plant-based meals from restaurants in NYC. We feature existing plant-based restaurants and we work with traditional restaurants to craft new plant-based menus.

Why plant-forward?

Plant-forward is an approach to cooking that focuses care and attention on plants (vegetables, legumes, fruits, etc). We find the kitchens that are innovating with a plant-forward consciousness.

Are all meals plant-based / vegan?

Yes. Everything that appears and is offered on Papaya is exclusively plant-based and meets strict vegan standards. Some restaurant partners have 100% plant-based kitchens and some have mixed kitchens.

Who is Papaya for?

Papaya’s for anyone interested in eating more plants without the hassle (not just vegans or plant-based eaters). We serve those ready to make the shift to eating more plant-based for themselves and the environment.

What is the benefit of ordering Papaya?

We imagine a world where plant-based options aren’t in the ruffled bottom corner of a menu, but the main dish. Making plant-based menus mainstream, abundant and available is our North Star.