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Balaboosta is a mixed kitchen (aka not fully plant-based), but this meal is 100% vegan.

Cabbage Cake

Cabbage leaves wrapped around spiced freekeh (an ancient grain from durum wheat), cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pistachios, silan (date syrup), tahini-lemon sauce

Balaboosta Hummus

Chickpeas, tahini, green s’chug (a blend of herbs, chilis, and toasted spices), paprika, house-made pita

Asian Sesame Eggplant

Asian sesame paste, fried shallots fried in rice flour, Aleppo vinaigrette, togarashi - a Japanese spice mix, sweet harissa*, pickled eggplants

Contains gluten (freekeh, pita), seeds (sesame, sunflower, pumpkin), and nuts (pistachios)

*cumin, cayenne, paprika, caraway, salt, garlic, red pepper, tomato paste, olive oil, plus orange juice & date syrup

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Restaurant Background

Balaboosta is an innovative fine dining restaurant in the West Village that gets creative with Middle Eastern cuisine. Chef Admony has been a leader in the plant-forward dining movement for over a decade, owing in part to the centrality of vegetables, legumes, tahini, and olive oil in Middle Eastern cuisine. She also owns the gourmet falafel chain Taim, and is the author of two celebrated cookbooks: Shuk and Balaboosta.

Papaya’s culinary team worked closely with the Balaboosta kitchen to review the newly added vegetable-forward dishes to the menu and then helped adapt these dishes to be completely plant-based.

“At Balaboosta, we’ve skewed plant-forward long before it was fashionable. We take pride in how we treat vegetables and legumes without deviating from traditional Middle Eastern techniques. For this meal with Papaya, we’ve made a few ingredient tweaks and have made every effort to ensure our dishes are 100% plant-based.” - Einat Admony

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