The Menu

This menu is completely plant-based and vegan feast that serves 2 (3 for a lighter shared meal).

Butternut Squash Mulligatawny

Spiced butternut squash and lentil soup with Coconut milk and turmeric. Served 

with Kadak Roti, a crispy whole wheat Flat Bread. Gluten free (except the roti, which can be substituted)

Tender Jackfruit Cutlet

Tender jackfruit patty coated with rice crumb and shallow fried till golden in color. 

Served with fermented mustard aioli and a chutney made with Cilantro, mint, 

hempseeds and chili. Gluten free

Tandoori Cauliflower

Cauliflower roasted in Tandoor oven with house made garam masala, fenugreek and 

coconut yogurt. Served with Kadai gravy (red pepper and smoked tomato) and pickled chili

peppers. Gluten free

Grain and Vegetable Pulao

Seasonal vegetables cooked with millet, black rice, and quinoa and flavored with 

saffron and spices. Garnished with caramelized onions, cashews, currants, and mint. Gluten free

Dessert: Tapioca Kheer (Pudding)

Tapioca pearls cooked with coconut milk and served with apricot chutney and caramelized hazelnut. Gluten free


Chickpea Curry, Brussels Sprout Foogath, Cumin Fingerling Potato, Set Dosa  (all gluten free)


Chutney Sampler - $9

Tomato Pachadi, Cranberry and Chili Chutney, Mango and Tomatillio Chutney. Gluten free

Extra Multi-grain Roti - $6

2 additional Rotis

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Drop Details

‍Serving size
Serves 2 (3 for a lighter shared meal)

‍Deliveries are between 5-7pm. You will receive a more accurate ETA the morning of the drop.

Spice Note
The dishes from Baar Baar are medium-spiced

Baar Baar operates a mixed kitchen. This menu is 100% plant-based & vegan.

Heating & Serving
Heating and serving instructions will be provided for a couple of dishes.

Restaurant Background

Chef Sujan Sarkar has cooked across the globe before coming to New York to open Baar Baar in the East Village! The restaurant is known as a hip and trendy pioneer in New Indian cuisine. Sarkar's contemporary approach to authentic Indian dishes in a vibrant, colorful setting inspired by the culture, art, and spirit of his home country. The restaurant has long made many vegan dishes and even began offering a separate vegan menu for those who ask. Baar Baar means “again and again,” and their bet is that you'll want to come back again and again.

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