What is Papaya?

Papaya is a platform for plant-forward dining that features the most interesting plant-based dinners from restaurants and chefs across NYC. Our culinary team discovers and curates a stellar roster of restaurant partners to design and cook unique and exciting menus for the Papaya community. We announce and deliver new curated prix-fixe dinners each week, and deliver these one-of-a-kind dinners across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Why plant-forward?

“Plant-forward” is an approach to cooking that seeks to elevate plants (vegetables, legumes, fruits, etc). We work to identify kitchens that are innovating with a plant-forward consciousness.

What’s a Dinner Drop?

Papaya is partnering with (and challenging) restaurants and independent chefs to develop unique and fully plant-based menus each week. If you’re able to secure a Dinner Drop order for the week (🤞), you’ll get a delicious, gourmet, innovative, healthy, plant-forward dinner — made by an amazing chef at a top NYC restaurant — delivered straight to you.

How do the dishes come served?

Each dinner drop is planned in conjunction with our restaurant partners and designed to travel. Many dishes will be ready to eat right out of the bag. Some dishes will require minimal prep, like adding sauce or throwing an item or two in the oven to warm up. You can find serving and heating/finishing instructions for each dinner drop at orderpapaya.com/enjoy.

Cool eco-packaging?

Dinners are packed in compostable, sustainable container solutions. We prefer to minimize (and eliminate when possible) single-use plastic containers, so we work with innovators in the eco-container space. One of our favorite products uses compressed sugarcane to create sturdy bowls and to-go containers. We also use plastics made from plant-products, when possible.

We also deliver in reusable bags. You can return a bag (if clean) to our drivers when receiving your next Papaya delivery.

What else is included in a Dinner drop?

Aside from a few incredible plant-based dishes, you’ll also get some extra goodies to make your experience whole. What’s NOT included: disposable cutlery and paper napkins. We think it’s more enjoyable (and obvi better for the environment) to eat on real dishes, with actual cutlery, and your own napkins. 🍽️

Are all meals plant-based / vegan?

Yes. Everything that appears and is offered on Papaya is exclusively plant-based and meets strict vegan standards. Some restaurant partners have 100% plant-based kitchens and some have mixed kitchens.

Why do you only take pre-orders?

By focusing on pre-ordered meals, Papaya Meal Drops make prep and planning efficient for restaurant partners and customers. Kitchens can plan ahead, minimize waste, and reduce their costs.

How does batch delivery work?

We deliver more like a caterer than a food delivery service. Whereas a delivery messenger will take one order to one location then return to the restaurant for another order, we use vehicles and temperature control to allow for group deliveries to specific parts of Brooklyn or Manhattan. Caterers use the same methods for bulk deliveries. It increase efficiency and is ultimately better for the environment.

What's your delivery radius?

For now, we're delivering, from the southernmost tip of Manhattan to the 130s in Harlem, and select neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Check out our beta map to see if you're on it. Some weeks, you can just pick up straight from the restaurant, so no matter where you live, you can still enjoy a Papaya Meal Drop.

Who is Papaya for?

Papaya is for anyone looking to eat more plants while enjoying the dynamic restaurant scene in NYC. We serve anyone looking to eat thoughtfully and to add more plant-based foods to their diet for themselves and the environment.

What is the benefit of ordering Papaya?

We imagine a world in which plant-based options aren’t tucked away in the ruffled bottom corner of a menu, but the main dish. Making plant-based menus mainstream, abundant and available is our North Star. And we see the adoption of more plant-based eating as a more sustainable path forward.