Meet the Papaya Heads

The Culinary

Jeffrey Yoskowitz

Jeffrey Yoskowitz is a leader in the culinary space and the founder of The Gefilteria, an artisanal food brand. He’s a published cookbook author, part-time pickler and full-time New Yorker.  

The Tech

Edoe Cohen

Originally from Israel, Edoe Cohen has led software development for ecommerce and cloud kitchens at Zume. His first passion, though, is how we can use tech to innovate and improve our lifestyles and environments.  

Why does Papaya exist? 

Because your plant-curiosity makes the world a little more plant-forward.

Plant-based food systems are much less harsh on people and our planet, and the world and market is finally noticing. You’ve likely seen evidence of this around you: meatless CPG products are readily available at every supermarket; meal delivery is growing at a dizzying pace with a mountain of options (the majority of which are meat-based). 

But ordering plant-based food is way harder than it should be. Existing plant-based options are usually hidden or hard to find on delivery apps or restaurant menus.

Enter: Papaya. 

Papaya wants to create a large-scale marketplace that connects people with quality plant-based food. Beyond that, Papaya wants to connect eaters with the chefs and the systems behind the food, introduce them to new ingredients, create a culture of transparency about what’s in the food, and educate eaters in the community and our world.

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